Hmall Is a groundbreaking e-commerce platform that has transformed the online shopping experience

By providing commissions, transactions, and incentive rewards for a large number of products and services, we have completely changed people's way of shopping

Our platform not only provides access to rare and valuable items, but also provides sellers with a market where they can reach eager buyers from all over the world.

HMALL has played a crucial role in helping many e-commerce merchants expand their online stores, increase product sales, and increase exposure.

By recruiting new members in our membership system, we can increase manpower to handle more order tasks. This has led to an increase in sales for merchants, attracting more shoppers to purchase their products.

Higher sales provide our merchants with greater visibility and revenue opportunities, as customers are often attracted by products with a good track record.

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  • 2028
  • Argentina Company Branch Opening on March 2028 (Coming Soon)

  • Dubai Team Leaders Meeting on July 2028 (Coming Soon)

  • Stay Tuned for more information about Hmall Conference Events.............

  • 2027
  • Dubai Company Branch Opening on March 2027 (Coming Soon)

  • Hmall Japan Leadership Training Seminar on May 2027 (Coming Soon)

  • Hmall Singapore Top Leaders Gala Night on August 2027 (Coming Soon)

  • Hmall held ThanksGiving Party Dinner in the U.S on November 2027 (Coming Soon)

  • 2026
  • Hmall Brazil Leadership Training Seminar on April 2026 (Coming Soon)

  • Hmall US Branch 3rd year anniversary Celebration Party on July 2026 (Coming Soon)

  • Hmall Japan Company Branch Opening on December 2026 (Coming Soon)

  • 2025
  • Hmall Held Global Leadership Training Seminar in the U.S on February 2025 (coming soon)

  • Hmall Held Global Leaders Recognition Night in the U.K on June 2025 (coming soon)

  • Hmall System Course in the Dubai on October 2025 (coming soon)

  • Hmall Held Global Top Leaders Meeting in the South Korea on December 2025 (coming soon)

  • 2024
  • Singapore Company Branch Opening on January 2024

  • Hmall Journey to Champion Meeting on January 2024

  • Australia Company Branch Opening on February 2024

  • Hmall Australia Leadership Training Seminar on February 2024

  • Hmall Member Sharing Session on April 2024

  • Hong Kong Company Branch Opening on June 2024(coming soon)

  • Hmall Hong Kong Leadership Training Seminar on July 2024(coming soon)

  • Brazil Company Branch Opening on September 2024(coming soon)

  • South Afrika Company Branch Opening on December 2024 (coming soon)

  • South Korea Top Leaders Meeting on December 2024(coming soon)

  • 2023
  • US company was founded on July 2023

  • Hmall New York Leadership Training Seminar on October 2023

  • Hmall join the US Anti-Money Laundering Act on November 2023

  • Hmall Top Leaders Meeting on December 2023

  • UK Company Branch Opening on December 2023

  • 2022
  • Achieved the highest rating for the Fair Trade Agreement implementation evaluation

  • Sustainability Report published for the first time

  • Obtained ISO45001, Safety and Health Management System Certification

  • Selected as an outstanding corporation in stock market disclosure

  • 2021
  • Obtained ISO14001, Environmental Management System Certification

  • Changed partnership in Thailand (JKN Hi Shopping)